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How is 2022 going for you so far? How are the New Year's resolutions going? Did you promise yourself you'd learn something new? How about learning to create your own digital designs?

Whether it's just to learn new skills in your spare time or so you can create professional looking graphics, I can help with a series of workshops that I'm running in the next few weeks.

Create your own posters, logos, expressive typography and edit photos using free internet software. You’ll learn helpful tips and techniques that you can take and develop.

  • No specialist equipment needed, just a computer with good internet connection

  • No need to subscribe or download software

  • Skills are fully transferable to Photoshop

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Suitable for age 10+

This is a series of 4 sessions designed to guide you through the basics, then develop understanding and skills to enable you to confidently create your own digital designs. Sessions will run as follows:

Session 1- 12th Feb, 10-11.30am- Poster design

You'll be introduced to the main tools and functions to create your own poster. In this session you'll learn:

  • How layers work and how to use them effectively

  • Shape, selection, text and colour tools to create your poster elements

  • How to compose an eye catching layout combining text and images

Click here for details and to book

Session 2- 26th Feb, 10-11.30am- Photo editing

You'll discover the tools used to manipulate and enhance photos to get the most out of them. In this session you'll learn:

  • How to get creative with your photos to get some great effects including filters, colouring and special effects

  • How to enhance photos to improve their quality including colouring, lighting and cleaning up faults

Click here for details and to book

Session 3- 12th March, 10-11.30am- Expressive text

You'll learn techniques to create text that really says something! Great for eye catching social media posts and printed designs. In this session you'll learn:

  • How to use text tools and functions effectively

  • 3D, shape and colouring effects to make your text visually exciting

  • How to think about text as a graphic designer

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Session 4- 26th March, 10-11.30am- Logo design

You'll look at what makes an effective logo to make your own design that you can apply across a whole brand. In this session you'll learn:

  • How logos work best if they're designed effectively

  • Text, shape and colouring tools to design your logo

  • How to apply your logo across a brand including social media, printed media or merchandise

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Best of luck for whatever you're aiming to achieve in 2022!


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