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Festive goodies!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

It's been a while since my last update so I've got a few things to mention!

2022 Calendar

I've been busy since the start of summer, working on a series of new posters that all feature in my London themed 2022 calendar.

As in previous years, this calendar features 12 full colour artwork pages, a handy 21x21cm size for smaller spaces and daily squares to write in.

Ideal as a gift or to hang on your own wall, you can take in views from across London. Perhaps they might just inspire a day out to explore for yourself!

Available to order from my Etsy shop via my website- click here

New London Prints

If you like the look of my 2022 calendar and are interested in the poster prints then keep reading...

I spent a few days in London this summer exploring favourite places and new places, mostly just taking a picnic and seeing where I ended up! From sketching in St James's Park to dodging traffic to capture photos of just the right angle in Kings Cross it's been an enjoyable adventure.

I wanted to show a wide range from the internationally known historical landmarks to the familiar everyday views that are often passed by without too much thought. So whether they resonate with your own experience of London or inspire a new opportunity to visit our great capital, I hope there's something for most people.

Below are a few examples of my new designs but you can view them all, along with the full travel poster collection on my website and they're all available to order from my Etsy shop- click here

Christmas shopping events

This year I'll have stalls at a few events, so if you'd like to buy from me in person please see the details below.

Thursday 18 Nov, 7pm onwards- The Greyhound Hotel, Carshalton- click here for info

Thursday 25 Nov- 6pm onwards- The Dukes Head Hotel, Wallington- click here for info

Saturday 27 Nov- 10am-4pm- Carshalton Artists at CryerArts- click here for info

So I hope that helps to fill you with a bit of festive joy!

Sending you the very best Christmas wishes and I'll be back in 2022 with Mini London model kit and board game to continue with my London theme!

Thanks for reading


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