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Hello Millie & Edward!

I've been working with Sutton Heritage over the last months, helping them to develop characters for Honeywood and Whitehall Museums. So I'd like to proudly introduce you to Edward the Elephant and Millie the Mouse!

Edward the elephant lives in Honeywood, Carshalton's Edwardian museum that overlooks the ponds. Elephants were once photographed bathing in the ponds the 1900's when a circus passed through the village. Edward will be seen around Honeywod when the museum reopens and can also be spotted on their website click here.

Millie has been busy in Whitehall, the Tudor museum in the heart of Cheam village. She's got lots of activities online, including an attic tour, a song, a drawing video and a competition. Check out all her latest activities click here.

My drawings of Millie have been brought to life by the wonderful folks at Golden Toad Theatre.

I can't wait to visit Edward and Millie in Honeywood and Whitehall when they reopen.

Edward and Millie can both be found on my website, along with many other characters

click here.

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