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Mini Pubs are proving a hit

After making the 'Mini Carshalton' model kit last year, I've got the model making bug!

So I've been busy measuring, cutting and sticking again to make 'Mini'Pubs'. I also thought I'd go a step further and turn the model kit into a board game so the fun just goes on!

The kit includes 5 pubs that are based on real life locals that all have their own individual characters and tipples of choice.

It was a challenge to access some angles for reference, especially as pub gardens have largely become more enclosed to cope with the recent regulations. So working out the back views was trickier but I got there.

The kit comes with everything you need to make the pubs and all the other game components, including 2 dice, drink cards, counters, the game board and a storage solution. There's also an instruction sheet to help you make the models and play the game.

Orders have been steady so far and the feedback has been great. So hopefully there'll be lots of happy dads this fathers day! Several people have so far said that they never know what to get the dads in their lives and this is just the job.

There's more photos on the new model kits page on my website click here.

You can order Mini Pubs from my Etsy shop click here.

Happy fathers day to dads everywhere!

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