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Social media cover story

This morning I've popped up all over The Croydonist! My Croydon print was chosen to be the new cover art for their social media.

I created my Croydon print about 4 years ago and since then its proved popular with those living and working in the area. It features Croydon's iconic 'Number One Croydon' building (or '50p building' to those locals in the know) that looms from many viewpoints. East Croydon station and Box Park both make an appearance, running down the left side of George Street. Then your eye lands firmly on the tram tracks firmly embedded in the yellow hatched box. When I looked for a view that captured Croydon, I thought this one did a pretty good job!

When Julia from The Croydonist contacted me to say my artwork had been selected to use I was very pleased to know it would represent everything they promote about Croydon. As far as locations go, it can get a lot of bad press. The Croydonist are all about showing the other side and all things great about the people and culture which shouldn't be overlooked.

So for all things cultured, quirky and cool about Croydon check out @theCroydonist.

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