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Bubble & Raff

A limited edition picture book that I wrote and illustrated as a Christmas present for my kids.

It features their favourite toys Bubble and Raff. 

A great little project that I've loved sharing with my kids.

Duck's Lucky Day

My first self-published picture book as author and illustrator. 

A rhyming tale about Duck and his journey to find a family and a home. It features a range of characters and locations along the way.

See below for event details.

Bubble & Raff samples

Duck's Lucky Day samples

Illustration samples

Tales from the Odyssey

I was very lucky to be invited to take part in The London Literary Festival 2018 at the Southbank Centre.

I collaborated with storytellers Wendy Shearer and Andy Copps, providing illustrations for a cut down version of The Odyssey.

It was a real challenge as Greek mythology isn't something I've worked on before as well as drawing live on stage to an audience.

Alex Williams, Participation Coordinator, Southbank Centre: "We were very happy with the event and it was lovely to have so many audiences enjoying it across the weekend."

Wendy Shearer: "I’m so proud of what we have pulled together and produced.  It was a great show."

Duck's Lucky Day events

Duck has visited several schools delivering assemblies, story sessions and workshops to reception up to year 4.

Events have also been held at fairs and libraries.

A duck on a river is where we begin, 

swimming along and not fitting in.

With nowhere to go, 

but go with the flow.

So he gave it some thought

and went for a walk....

Where will duck go?

Who will he meet?

Will it be his lucky day?

Teacher: "It was amazing to meet an author and illustrator and get an insight in to what happens behind the scenes when you are writing a book."

Reception child: "Helena drew lots of animals and they went on an adventure. I made my own adventure for duck when I went back to class."


Year 1 child: "I want to be an artist when I grow up and I really liked seeing how Helena kept trying and trying to draw the different animals until they were perfect. She really persevered!"


Year 2 child: "I learnt a lot about how to think of a story and create the illustrations. I met Helena at the Carshalton Carnival and got my own signed copy of Duck's Lucky Day which was really exciting. I want to write a story just like Helena".

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