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'Duck's Lucky Day' and 'Duck Get's Stuck' are both available to buy via my shop page. Bubble & Raff's Little Adventure' is a limited addition that is no longer available to purchase.


Sample illustrations and page spreads are shown below.

Duck's Lucky Day samples

Duck Gets Stuck samples

Bubble & Raff samples

Other illustration samples

Tales from the Odyssey

I was very lucky to be invited to take part in The London Literary Festival 2018 at the Southbank Centre.

I collaborated with storytellers Wendy Shearer and Andy Copps, providing illustrations for a cut down version of The Odyssey.

It was a real challenge as Greek mythology isn't something I've worked on before as well as drawing live on stage to an audience.

Alex Williams, Participation Coordinator, Southbank Centre: "We were very happy with the event and it was lovely to have so many audiences enjoying it across the weekend."

Wendy Shearer: "I’m so proud of what we have pulled together and produced.  It was a great show."

Duck school visits & events

Duck's visited several schools hosting assemblies, story sessions and workshops for reception up to year 4. Events have also been held at fairs and libraries.

Teacher: "It was amazing to meet an author and illustrator and get an insight in to what happens behind the scenes when you are writing a book."

Reception child: "Helena drew lots of animals and they went on an adventure. I made my own adventure for duck when I went back to class."


Year 1 child: "I want to be an artist when I grow up and I really liked seeing how Helena kept trying and trying to draw the different animals until they were perfect. She really persevered!"


Year 2 child: "I learnt a lot about how to think of a story and create the illustrations. I met Helena at the Carshalton Carnival and got my own signed copy of Duck's Lucky Day which was really exciting. I want to write a story just like Helena".

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