Author/illustrator books

'Duck's Lucky Day' and 'Duck Get's Stuck' are both self published and available to buy online. Bubble & Raff's Little Adventure' was a limited addition that is no longer in print.


Scroll down to view my illustration portfolio below. 

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Duck's Lucky Day

Duck cover outer small.jpg
Duck pages 9&10 small.jpg
Duck pages 5&6 small.jpg
Duck pages 23&24 small.jpg

Duck Gets Stuck

DGS characters 1.jpg
DGS characters 2.jpg
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Bubble & Raff

B&R 1 small.jpg
B&R 6 small.jpg
B&R 7 small.jpg

Other illustration samples

Pages 7&8 small.jpg
New Project (1).jpg
New Project (1).jpg
Ping  looking round square.jpg
Ping reaching square.jpg
Ping twisting square.jpg