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Author/illustrator books

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'Duck's Lucky Day' and 'Duck Get's Stuck' are both self published and available to buy online. Bubble & Raff's Little Adventure' was a limited addition that is no longer in print. Scroll down to view my illustration portfolio below. 

"Wonderful book! Beautifully written and illustrated. My daughter absolutely adores this book. Would definitely recommend!"

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Duck's Lucky Day

Characters duck small.jpg
Duck cover outer small.jpg
Duck pages 9&10 small.jpg
Characters duck animals small.jpg
Duck pages 5&6 small.jpg
Duck pages 23&24 small.jpg

"Helena is a very talented artist and writer, I cannot recommend this book enough. Another great find from an indie author. My children have a soft spot for ducks and we just had to have this book in our collection. The sketch style illustration with digital colour brings alive the story."

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Duck Gets Stuck

DGS characters 1.jpg
DGS characters 2.jpg
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Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 22.20.33.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 22.20.07.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 22.19.25.png

Bubble & Raff

Characters B&R small.jpg
Characters B&R colour small.jpg
B&R 1 small.jpg
B&R 6 small.jpg
B&R 7 small.jpg
B&R 12 small.jpg

Other illustration samples

Characters croc small.jpg
Characters thing animals small.jpg
Pages 7&8 small.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 23.55.20.png
New Project (1).jpg
New Project (1).jpg
Ping  looking round square.jpg
Ping reaching square.jpg
Ping twisting square.jpg
corgi _ church.jpg
Corgi paint.jpg
Corgi cassock (1).jpg
Corgi bell pull (1).jpg

School visits

I've visited schools, either with Duck as an author or just as an artist, hosting assemblies, story sessions and workshops for reception up to year 4. Events have also been held at fairs and libraries.

  • I'm DBS checked and a PGCE fully qualified teacher
  • I can deliver age appropriate activities to KS1-5 and adults
  • I can incorporate a range of curriculum subjects and themes​
  • Single sessions or half day (local area or virtual only) sessions available for assemblies and group activities

Teacher: "It was amazing to meet an author and illustrator and get an insight in to what happens behind the scenes when you are writing a book."

Reception child: "Helena drew lots of animals and they went on an adventure. I made my own adventure for duck when I went back to class."


Year 1 child: "I want to be an artist when I grow up and I really liked seeing how Helena kept trying and trying to draw the different animals until they were perfect. She really persevered!"


Year 2 child: "I learnt a lot about how to think of a story and create the illustrations. I met Helena at the Carshalton Carnival and got my own signed copy of Duck's Lucky Day which was really exciting. I want to write a story just like Helena".

Please click on the event booking form button below for session details, prices and to enquire or submit event details.

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