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Carshalton - Draw the Line


I'm going on a journey along a line. The line started off as a a route on the map of Carshalton. However, now that I've started it's about every line I'm drawing to depict the views along this journey.

The views are ever changing and have had to be planned out to ensure there's a continuity connecting each viewpoint. This won't stop spontaneity and creativity happening when it needs though!

I've already had some lovely chats with people who've stopped to find out what I'm up to. A man from Paris, a woman celebrating her 60th, school kids on their way home, they've all been intrigued and very complimentary!

Follow the journey on on my Facebook and Instagram #carshaltondrawtheline

Screenshot 2024-05-12 231732.jpg

Other sketchbooks

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Sketches adapted into a kiddie timeline in a folded concertina sketchbook

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